Chasing Sunshine …

Marketing is powerful. Promises of things better than before, changes, new outlooks, more comfort, better health, full control, sexier, wealthier, or maybe a life with more simplicity.

In any case, it is based on ‘chasing sunshine’. Running after what we think will be better, that might make us happier, or that could possibly bring brightness to our lives.


In dog training, which is working with another living being, who functions emotionally on this planet just like you and me, there is powerful marketing that would lead you to believe that dogs are a simple ‘in put out put thing’, that can be changed into the dog of our dreams with little to no effort, in a very short time period

No joke.

“Perfect Puppy in Seven Days” – This program sets owners up for failure all of the time. It doesn’t account for puppies developmental stages, teething, growing pains, adolescents, young adult hood, or the owners responsibility for total compliance to meticulous management of space.

“Reliable Recall in Just Four Days” – A really Reliable Recall that sticks with just four days of training is done with an electrical shock collar, period. A Recall is not simply just coming to you, it is about trust, willingness, the relationship, an understanding of body language and use of space, and hours upon hours of working together.

“Demon to Angel in Five Days” – To modify a behavior, or a CER (conditioned emotional response) takes a minimum of, well as long as it takes. Try transforming yourself into a person you are not, and having it stick forever, in just five days.

“One Hour Tune Up” – Not sure what this means, but it is everywhere.

To be successful with your puppy or dog, don’t set time limits, don’t create unrealistic expectations, just be kind and have purpose each and every day. This is where good things happen, over time, as they should.

And remember, even though chasing sunshine would feel good after a long winter, too much of a good thing can get you a nice burn. Learn that ‘all weather’ is good and creates balance.

Always be on a path to learn more and do more with your dog. I think we all become better humans when we share our lives openly with another living being.


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  1. maggielandry says:

    Love your post! It has taken five years for Java and I working together to diminish her reactivity to other dogs. She is not perfect and still has moments when she is almost over the edge! By working together, I have learned her signals when she is having trouble and now I know when to help her over the rough spots and I know her triggers. (She was homeless wild thing for two years before I met her). They teach us so much. Teddy, a malamute/husky cross employs many calming signals that she uses on me and other dogs! When she chased a fawn for example I immediately went into hyper mode and ran after her yelling and whistling for her to come. When she did come, on her time and only after I stopped having such a hyper fit, she kept circling away from me over and over and not coming close. I used to think that was her wild side but now I realize that she was trying to calm me down and was unsure about coming too close. Her message was a clear dog message but I was not reading it correctly. I need to trust her because I know that she will come back because she doesn’t like to be far from us. My dog’s perspective is a lot different than mine and I need to be open to what they are communicating because it isn’t an one way street! They are constantly interacting with me and we learn from each other. Chasing sunshine or quick fixes with a living being is not realistic because change is based on trust and learning from each other.

  2. cj says:

    Thank you for succinctly putting marketing ploys into perspective. Well said!

  3. Sergio says:

    Excellent post. The marketing is necessary to sell and dog´s business need it ; but we need to know the realistic view of each product. Working with Dogs is the real art of patience, never a miracle science.

  4. Lisa Wisdom says:

    Thank you Nancy! You always put so many things into such great perpectives. I get goose bumps and often tears when I read your posts and can’t wait til the next one.

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