Golden Retriever, at the door, jumping up!

It’s early and I have been pondering stuff while sitting on the couch, in front of the fire place, with my hot coffee in hand, and border collies on my lap. Yes all of them, it can get a bit snugly at times.

Pondering is one of my pleasures, and I make no apologies here. It is my time to think freely without rules, about anything and everything. Sometimes it comes to something and sometimes it doesn’t, but that isn’t the point really. The point is to just let thoughts happen.

CLUE, have any of you played this game? It’s still one of my favorites, and we have two versions in our home now, the ‘classic’ and the ‘Harry Potter’, both awesome. But what I have been thinking about is how easy and fun it would be to make a ‘dog owners’ version. No seriously. Isn’t most of what you describe to friends and family just like a CLUE game?

Jack Russell, in the bathroom, with the TP roll.

Labrador, on the kitchen counter, with the stick of butter.

Puppy, in the family room, with $1000 pair of Dad’s shoes.

Border Collie, in the yard, with a stick.

Golden Retriever, etc…

While doing a search I found CLUE in a lot of different versions, more than I thought was out there actually, Simpsons, Supernatural, Firefly, about 30 other versions, and then there was ‘Nostalgia’, oh brother! But not a single Dog CLUE edition. SO, I think it would be awesome!

It for sure would be a fun way, and less serious way, to work through ‘hang ups’ about some dogs behaviors in a home. A way to let loose, laugh, and realize the world will not stop spinning, and life as you know it to be will not end, if your dog pee’s on the sofa, scratches at the door, eats the pizza you left on the coffee table, or is a super farter when guests come over.

Life happens. We are not perfect, dogs are not perfect.

And sometimes, when you are doing great work with your dog, but it seemingly falls apart, it is good to have a sense of humor, it is good to let go of expectations, and it is really important to remind yourself to just BE with your dog.

Now, if you aren’t doing great work with your dog, you are a sloppy trainer, inconsistent at best, permissive, and use excuses up one side and down the other, then none of this will resonate with you. And you shouldn’t have too many expectations regarding you and your dog, best to let that ship sail. You might as well get the ‘Nostalgia’ version, just sayin’.

Always keep in mind that this journey is about you and your dog together. If there is something happening that gives you concern or that you want to change, you can, but it means you changing as well.


So, Border Collies, on the couch, with some blankets. I’m going back to join them for a bit longer.

Have a great day, and enjoy this ride ~ Nancy

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cat says:

    Yes!!!!!! Shep in the sheep poop! I’m in!

    Robin “Cat” Billau


    1. Kathi Hamblet says:

      Love! love!

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