it’s all woven together really

Someone recently asked “do you have dog paw print pajamas”? A simple “hello, how do you do?” would have sufficed really.

I’m not sure I have ever opened up a conversation by asking someone about their pajamas, and especially not before introducing myself or at least asking them for their name. Just sayin’.

While I work with dogs, and I’m in the animal industry, I own very few things, if any, with paw prints, dog faces, or dog slogans. I have competition shirts from dog sport events, but I also have those from concerts, and my daughters running events too.

For me it is simple. I do not idolize dogs, I do not worship them, and I do not wear my love for them on my body, in my bathroom, or kitchen, or car. For the same reason I would not wear a necklace with my friends finger print on it. It’s just not for me.


Dogs to me are living beings, and I connect with them as I would another person, a rabbit, a horse, or a cat, etc. “I will get to know you, and you me”. A relationship. I do not pause when I meet a dog, I am open and receptive because I have never met a dog who lies or is dishonest. It makes for a very smooth and easy pathway to meet another soul.

Dogs tend to not have hang ups about anything. If they are scared they let me know, if they are pushy they let me know, if they need space they let me know, if they want to play, sleep, eat, or cuddle, they let me know. They are honest.

And what I find so refreshing about dogs is that they have zero, count em’, zero hang ups about their sexuality, or even your sexuality. They wear it openly and honestly. If only dogs could make commercials or write ads, I think we might all be better off.

My love for dogs is specific not general. I fall in love with some dogs that I meet, and I like most all dogs that I work with. I don’t run around saying I LOVE PEOPLE, if I did I think I would freak a lot of people out and they would avoid me so it might defeat the purpose of even saying it. And I don’t run around saying I LOVE DOGS, and I can tell you for certain that the people who publicly exclaim ‘I love dogs and they love me’ are generally the people that freak most dogs out as it is too much unwarranted attention.

For me it is a woven tapestry of relationships, some easy and some complicated. There are lots of things I love in general, but for me relationships are specific.

So, as for the pajama question …

With Love, Nancy

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  1. Teresa says:

    I work in medicine, the nurses calling from the hospital launch into a conversation, patients pour out their problems from home, pharmacies call and demand authorizations for refills, insurance companies call for updates………..all without any common telephone courtesy. I feel old and out of place anymore when I answer the phone…………..

  2. C McCullough says:

    well I guess I better send you a necklace with my thumbprint and my face on…cause apparently you must be missing that in your life..LOL

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      hahaha, smart ass… I would wear it everyday!

  3. Nikki Brown says:

    Very interesting as usual, Nancy. And pertinent to my recent activities. I just recently started volunteering at an equestrian therapy ranch near me, and I love being out there mucking, raking, digging, feeding hay, etc. All while being able to be around and interact with the horses, (and one javelina) when it seems good for them. This is what I have always wanted, that relationship, not the riding which was all that was available to me before now. The only thing that would make it perfect is if I could also take my 2 dogs with me. But knowing them, chaos would reign and everyone would need a different kind of therapy!

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