Hitting the trails with Calvin – part 11

We have been busy, busy walking, hiking, visiting, and socializing.

ME: hey Joe let’s practice recalls on the trail with Charlie and Calvin

JOE: no way, I don’t want to be written about in PART 11 as ‘the one who lost Calvin!’

ME: seriously!? He will come, just call him. I promise I’ll write about ‘the one who helped me to find Calvin’ hahaha

JOE: Calvin come! Come on buddy!

ME: that was awesome! Calvin COME, come on honey!

So this part is not about Joe losing Calvin, or anything bad, it is about growth, understanding, and doing more awesome walks and hikes together! Calvin has come to two of my adult dog classes that have been held out and about in town, and HE LOVES THEM. The other dogs adore him, and our crazy red headed Aussie almost turned herself inside out to say HI to him this past week!

Calvin has had a few meet and greets, and a few applications, but as of today, none were the right fit for him. So we are still taking applications, and still looking for the perfect home! He is as awesome dog, and needs an awesome home!

I think I have three new videos since I last posted about Calvin, if you want to catch up please check out his VIDEO playlist.

We have been walking with some of my puppy clients, which has been so super fun for so many reasons. Calvin LOVES all dogs, he does not know an enemy at all. He is so excited to say HI, share some scents, and then go for a walk.

What I have noticed, since we have been working together for sometime, is that he KNOWS me when out and about. If there is a concern or question, he checks in with me, if he is getting tired, he looks to me, and he seems to be very clear that he is part of a TEAM while out and about.

We went for a hike up STONE CREEK today with a couple of my puppy clients today. Maddie and Charlie were just awesome, and their people are so fun to be around. Calvin had a very clear sense of being part of the group, and did not want our happy little Golden to run away. When we practiced recalls on one part of the trail, he was concerned when Maddie went out of sight, Maddie of course was not concerned at all, she had a freaking blast running down the switch backs!

What I am learning about Calvin is that he has a strong sense of integrity, which is not common with a nine month old dog. He is learning about himself but he truly and deeply cares for those around him. He is the least selfish adolescent dog I have ever worked with, outside of my Story, who is by far the most balanced dog I have ever met.

Calvin is honest, he has integrity, and he is truly starting to trust. And today, he trusted everyone enough and crossed his first creek. YES! he has been terrified of water, and today while Maddie and Charlie were crossing the creek with ease, Calvin decided to give it a go! A huge thank you to Joe who stood int he creek and let Calvin feel safe for his first crossing.

It was exciting for everyone! Please click on the first photo and then just click to arrows! An awesome stormy fall afternoon with good people and brilliant young dogs! With love and good thoughts, keep spreading the news, Nancy



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  1. Mags Corner says:

    We just watched all of Calvin’s videos…what fun it was to watch him. Very nice pictures here too. You do a wonderful job with the dogs. Hugs and nose kisses

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