Tuesdays with Calvin – part 10

Calvin and I have known each other almost six weeks now. He is such a cool dog on so many levels, but mostly cool because that is who he is. Just cool!

He is happy, he likes being around happy, he likes to work, he likes to hang, and he is giving learning a go!

We went to the gym to play with tricks and movement, and lucked out by having another one of my Teams there working, so we also got to play with distractions while working.

So I have had competition dogs for the past fourteen years, I train for smooth, seamless, and effortless behavior. Fluent at it’s core.

Because Calvin had no ‘active learning’ history in his first home, he is kind of ‘sticky’ when it comes to learning, keep in mind I train for smooth, so this difference is noticeable to me. He needs to know he is safe, and that it will work for him. He becomes more and more trusting each week which is awesome to see.

What totally tickled me on Tuesday is when Joe, of Joe and Charlie that were there working at the same time, stopped and said “If I hadn’t been reading his blog posts and knew his story I wouldn’t believe you, he is totally awesome” Thank you Joe, yes he is! He is awesome.

We are still accepting APPLICATIONS for Calvin’s adoption. We have had two really nice families apply, but because of long work hours, or no yard, it hasn’t gone further.

Calvin is sweet, loving, learning about life, athletic, and powerful, and has a TEAM of people working on his behalf. I am with him two days a week now, he has a runner on the weekends, and a dog walker two evenings a week, besides his wonderful foster family. We are looking for a loving, experienced, and quality home for Calvin.


I have however received lots of messages on my answering machine – dear me…

“If the dog is free you can just drop him in my yard today”

“Is he free, that would be great because we hardly have any money”

“How much weight can he pull?”

“Can he guard, I need a free guard dog”

“Is he fully trained, and does he have all of the basic behaviors, and is he kennel trained, and can he lay around the house for eight hours while I am at work, and is he free”

“I live out of my VW bus but I think he looks small enough to fit in there, especially if he is free, right?”

“Do you think he could stay in the yard all day and guard my chickens?”

“um is Calvin a Chinchilla? I’m calling lots of ads today, if he is I want him, he’s free right?” – Calvin would be one crazy ass huge chinchilla dude!

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  1. gailgug says:

    Hi Nancy, thanks for another great post about Calvin. Glad to hear he is progressing so well.

    We left for Chicago this morning early and Gunner is boarded at Ceci’s Doggie daycare. I will be back in Bozeman on Monday. Perhaps we can then pick a class that he could join? Also, you had mentioned sending me some videos about the whistle and something else. Just a reminder… I will call when I get back or call me at your convenience. Gail

    Sent from my iPad


  2. mtwaggin says:

    Oh good golly! Gives me so much faith in the canine species – not so much in the humans. Calvin rocks and the right home is out there it will be the best (says this foster Mom who also stresses every time I have to make a placement). Trust in the Universe! GO CALVIN!

  3. dayphoto says:

    Oh, geez! I hope the perfect family comes along…someone who is home or can take him to work with them. A fenced in yard…fenced in yards are always nice for dogs. Magic thoughts the perfect family comes along soon!


  4. Shelby says:

    Calvin is PitBull/Husky I know his parents. He looks just like his father, his mother is a brindle PitBull. That is where Calvin got his unique coloring from. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a video of Calvin it was like looking at his father the tail for sure, his father wags his tail the same way.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Shelby, I cannot thank you enough for writing in. This is so helpful to everyone involved. Calvin is with a foster family right now, and there are four of us working to find him a great forever home. If you know of anyone, please send them my way, since you know the parents. Thank you, Nancy

  5. Shelby says:

    Your very welcome! I would love to take him but I have 4 dogs already and they keep me busy! I just can’t believe it he is a spitting image of his dad! I wish I had a photo I use to hike with the owners all the time and he is just a love bug! And that tail, the helicopter we called it. I’m really happy to have found you, you do awesome work. Its fantastic to see he is in great hands.

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