Rainy Fall Evening with Calvin – part 8

I’ve been out of town giving a workshop so I haven’t been able to socialize, train, and walk Calvin for the past week. I did hear however, that he might have a new dog walker on a weekly basis which would be super cool!


We walked in the rain, puddles, and around the evening students passing by, it was so nice and cool and just perfect!




AND THEN WE CAME TO THE CAT STATUE! This threw him over the edge just a bit, so we came towards it, left, came towards it, left, and then he was brave enough to give it a smell!




Calvin was definitely more excited tonight. It might have been that we had not seen each other for awhile, or that it was cooler and made him a bit spunkier. We tried the town trails, he met two nice Finnish Spitz dogs, and about 30 people, but the crowds and the activity was too much so we chose MSU campus instead.

When a public trail has more off leash dogs than on leash dogs, and HERDS of people, runners, and bikes, it is even too much for me. In reality, even though it is a trail, it is not a trail at that point, it’s a dirt sidewalk in town.

Campus was lovely, girls LOVE Calvin, boys smile at him (probably wanna be him, hahaha), and it was just a great rainy night out and about!

We are still taking APPLICATIONS on Calvin.


Love, Nancy



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