The Education of Mr. Sweet Cheeks, aka CALVIN – part 4

Today was so cool and interesting for a lot of reasons.

When I went to pick Calvin up this afternoon he was SO excited to see me and he WANTED his leash on so we could get going. This is such a good sign to see a dog who has figured out that working with someone is a good thing!

Because he is very new to cars, and his last ride I think overwhelmed him, I just picked him up and let him sit in the front seat next to me. That way he could see what I was doing and how things were working. He was so incredibly polite, and was just watching my every move. He didn’t look out the window very much, or get up and move around, so I know it was still a bit too much, but he did look more comfortable than last time. At every stop light I would lean over and he would give me a little kiss, so sweet.

When we got to my facility he wanted in! So we went right to work and such a great time.

And I found out he also likes the Rolling Stones, he might just be the coolest dog ever 😉

You can see from his first video and/or photos thru today, there is less stress in his face, he is more relaxed, and he was such a SMOOTH worker today. There is a lot to be said about patterning and allowing a dog to feel comfortable in work, and most importantly, safe.

Today I could really start to feel a connection with working, a connection with positions, and an understanding. So very super cool!

And if he was ever uncertain, he would come over and check in with me and want contact, touch, petting, some love, and then he was ready to try it again.

Calvin also lucked out with three new people and three new dogs. Our facility was hopping today with Teams that came over and were meeting for play dates. He met and played with Mishra, a giant and gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback. He fell deeply in love with Lucy, and visa versa, a young and giant St. Bernard. By the way, Lucy’s first boyfriend in puppy class was Benji, and handsome blue Pit Bull Puppy, I think she has a ‘type’, just saying! And a Polite meet and greet with Koby, another young and not quite giant St. Bernard puppy, who is just starting to meet other dogs for the first time.

At the end of our afternoon together we went back inside and we practiced more movement. Calvin was smooth, connected, and seamless. It was dreamy to say the least. This boy has so much potential for just about everything, and the best part is, he wants to connect, he wants to work, he wants to figure it all out.


Today I have a series of videos because we played with so much. ~ Nancy

WORKING IN THE GYM – we went right to work today! At the very end you can see us practicing with movement but with the leash on. This was to see if he associated the leash with pulling or not, and he did not, he was just as smooth.

KIND AND CONSIDERATE SOCIALIZATION – with new people and new dogs

FINISHING OUR DAY WITH MOVEMENT – please note this is an unedited clip, he walked this nicely for this long, with perfect connection, and so so so smooth!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. C McCullough says:

    what a beautiful boy – great freestyle prospect..(vink) he seems so tender.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Camilla, he is so sweet, and really enjoys working. As far as any sport, he would excel. I am excited to take him onto MSU campus again.

  2. Excellent, and I love that grin.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      He has such a charming quality about him, and his face and eyes and connection are so real and so deep!

  3. mtwaggin says:

    Yup everything about this boy says he is relaxing into life! LOVE IT!

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