a splash pond kind of day!

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It’s been hot for us, and it feels wonderful, but definitely hot. Our dogs are still having fun in the yard, but the real play happens in the pond, and it has been awesome!

For those of you new to our dog pond, it was our project last summer. POND PROJECT

It’s been wet and wild, super fun, and the dogs love playing in the fountain too.



Story has always been reluctant to put his head in the water. He likes to grab toys on the surface. This past year, with the addition on our pond, Story LOVES to dive under the water and get his toy. He is so comfortable with this now, and looks down for anything that may be on the bottom and need ‘saving’.


$eeker definitely makes the most of his time in the water. He loves to pounce, and splash, and toss. The more water everywhere the better!




And just like all good summer fun days, Mom hands everyone a towel on the back porch to dry off before coming in. $eeker is such a kid! All of our dogs shake their towels off, but $eeker LOVES wearing his, LOVES it, and just like a kid will wait for a summer treat on the back porch while drip drying! 😉



Have a great day, enjoy the summer moments! ~ Nancy


  1. What great fun pictures. The dogs are really enjoying the water. Neither of our dogs like being in water. Love the wearing the towel. lol Too cute! Hugs and nose kisses

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