sky smoke and water

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Well for some reason my dogs and I woke up earlier than usual, la madrugada (the wee hours of the morning before dawn). It could be that our neighbors little chicks are turning out to NOT be hens, but rather roosters. I actually don’t mind waking up and hearing roosters, or song birds, I really like that actually, it feels homey to me, alive.

I think we woke early because the sky is filled with smoke, we could all smell it before we could see it, fires someplace, maybe Canada or Idaho? If all else fails, and you aren’t sure, blame it on Canada or Idaho, always! 😉

While I was watering, the sun came up through the smoke and created that super cool light that only smoke does, and it looked so pretty while I was watering.


Mature Orac (red leaf homesteaders spinach. It reaches 7 ft. when it gets to this color)


Cosmos and bachelor buttons. These are the happy colors in the garden this year.


Scarlet Runner Beans are all the way to the top of the trellis as of this morning!


Tarragon, or rather tarragon bush! It is acting slightly invasive this year!


Young Orac.


Goodland Canadian apple tree, and it is FULL this year.


White Cosmos, gorgeous.


And my beautiful Story, and a tiny reflection of me in his eye. I love this.

Have a great day ~ Nancy



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