ode to borage & dogs

So this week is perfect, just perfect.

Late night rain, cool early mornings, happy garden, and super happy dogs. The sun is making things quite hot during the middle of the day, but our work is almost always finished by the time I sit down to write.

‘Dirt under your finger nails season’ might be my favorite, and I know its my dogs favorite because we are outside for hours upon hours upon hours, and that suits them just fine!

I LOVE when the grass is filled with rain water in the early mornings and my dogs kick it up, for some reason this always brings on a massive smile. Maybe because it is everything I love. And it looks so free in every way.


My borage is gorgeous right now, and the bees think so too. I have happy borage and happy bees which is always a good sign. This plant, in my humble gardeners opinion, is a living conundrum. And I am pretty sure I have a few other posts dedicated just to borage!

It starts off so delicate and unassuming, and the new leaves are delicious in any salad.Then it grows at an invasive rate and takes over an area, or two, or three, or your whole yard. Then as borage ages, it becomes prickly and almost dangerous looking, and you aren’t sure if it is actually a lettuce or a flesh eating plant of some sort. Then almost over night, the most gorgeous, shy, and perfectly colored flowers start to bloom. This plant is healthy to eat when young, and super good for you, the root and oil (if you distill) have amazing anti inflammatory properties, great in salves and lotions. And as all plants that have evolved over 10’s of thousands of years, it reseeds and can grow in almost any growing zone, drought, heavy rain, clay soil, or perfectly cultivated soil. AND just like the dandelion, if there is a crack int he side walk, it will grow and be perfectly happy with or without your attention!




And my dogs, such an awesome morning all to ourselves.

When I lived in Mexico years ago, my friend use to say each morning “como amaneciste?” (how did you greet the day?) And being the smart ass that I am, I usually said “con mis ojos abiertos” (with my eyes wide open!). My dogs actually make me feel this way every summer morning, where I greet each day with my eyes wide open. Love.

To feel their desire, their power, their intensity, makes me envious in so many ways. They amaze me. ~ Nancy






2 Comments Add yours

  1. dayphoto says:

    I love summer also! Spring, Summer, Fall. Then I stop…just endure the rest of the time. Dirt under the fingernails…THE BEST of Times!


    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Linda one day we will meet, and look at each others hands before saying HI… hahaha! Happy gardening to you my friend!

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