Puppy Time – a letter from Kathryn

I received a wonderful e-mail out of the blue from Mosey’s owner Kathryn. She said something that truly struck a cord with me, “Getting a dog is the easy part, building a foundation that sets your relationship up for success is an enormous task.”

This is so worth passing along to you all. Enjoy the time with your puppy, enjoy teaching, learning, and spending this time together. It goes by oh so quickly! Mr. Mosey can be found in our numerous puppy videos that we use for our classes, you can check them out here, VIDEO ~ Nancy

Mosey at 7 weeks & 7 months. One handsome boy!
Mosey at 7 weeks & 7 months. One handsome boy!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”
– Aristotle

“Dogs have been an integral part of my life, personally and professionally, for almost two decades, yet a puppy had never been a member of my personal cast of four-legged characters. That is, until recently. Following careful planning, much thought and excruciating consideration, we welcomed a pup into our crew; a border collie we named Mosey.

He got himself a prime piece of real estate in our hearts, becoming a most beloved member of the family. Brilliant on so many levels, people are always surprised when I tell them he’s a puppy. “He’s so well-behaved!” they exclaim, which is often followed by: “I want a dog just like that, where’d you get him?”

I assure them that they too can have a dog just like this and rattle off a typical day. This prompts a mouth-agape stare while I’m explaining and ends with a completely furrowed brow and something to the effect of: “Oh, I could never do that.” Getting a dog is the easy part, building a foundation that sets your relationship up for success is an enormous task. Enormously wonderful and a huge investment with guaranteed big returns, albeit seemingly endless, repetitive, at times mind-bogglingly frustrating work. Truly.

There were plenty of moments I worried over my sanity. When I couldn’t maintain composure, I excused myself. I’m a well-seasoned dog person, which provides absolutely no immunity to puppy frustration whatsoever, but awareness of the inevitability of it and the importance of securing my own oxygen mask first

To help in our progress, I sought the guidance of a trainer who aligned with my philosophies on canine domestic peacekeeping and Nancy Tanner was this and more for Mosey and me. Through her puppy class, she provided great insight and assured us again and again that indeed this was work and it was incredibly important. When she advised: “…and you patiently repeat that 1,000 times a day” I knew this was not an exaggeration.

When she said: “Have fun!” I knew this was not just her being a positive person, which she certainly is. Ultimately, for me, this served as a needed reminder to enjoy this very short puppy period and bring a lightness to the task of building a foundation. The work evolved into a labor of love, and I began to notice the subtle nuances of this new ever-growing life and he began to understand my idiosyncrasies (for better or worse, he’s training me too).

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Mosey is becoming a truly excellent dog and we are a rock-solid team. Is the work done? Not a chance. Besides, we’re having way too much fun!”

Kathryn & Mosey



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  1. dayphoto says:

    Well said! As always!!! Two thumbs- up!!!


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