the exchange of breath

So good morning… My video camera was working today and I managed to get some short but nice footage. A great way to start this morning!

My mornings are so varied. Truly, if I were to write my job description out on paper, it would be a bit wack really. I love it, it keeps life interesting for me.

Some early mornings I am in the office and working straight for four hours before I leave for afternoon appointments. These are not my favorite mornings, but for sure necessary. They require great music, good hot black coffee, and pie. Just sayin.

The early mornings I love are the ones were I am in a pond, on a floaty, teaching a dog to swim or water retrieve. Or in a whelping box with a mama and her  puppies. Brand new on the planet, newness all the way around. Hiking on a trail, working on scent detection, helping a dog feel safe, or playing with my own dogs, my crew and me Team! My other mornings are out on ranches, dogs, stock, pastures, and fresh air.

This morning when I went to visit Steve, Victor and Hot Chocolate, one of my favorite places to visit, I had a special moment with his llama. He has never really paid much attention to me, kept a bunch of distance, but today he came over, put his nose on mine and blew his breath into mine, and then mine into his. It is a moment of stillness, of trust, of curiosity, of being part of a bigger picture. Hello to you too!

I will never tire of these moments.

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Victor the Pyrenean Mastiff is coming into young adulthood. Blustery, scampy, and looking for things to do.Still a charmer all the way around, but a challenging time for any ranch owner. Hot Chocolate is now coming into full adulthood, is now showing awesome maturity, and a new connection with Steve. She was challenging on stock when she was younger, and now she has good distance, good flanking, and can be called off with ease. It’s so cool to watch them grow, experience life, and have adventures. And while I am a super small piece of their lives now, super duper micro small piece, I love to visit, I love their greetings, and love walking around their pastures to see what they are doing that is new and different, both good and bad.




Cheers to life, sharing it, and being part of it, Nancy

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Having a pretty stressful day with elder care and this video made me shed a tear, take a breath and miss my dogs! Thank you!

  2. Mags Corner says:

    Oh, thank you so much for sharing this amazing video and fabulous pictures sweet Nancy. Watching the video I felt all fuzzy inside I love it!! What a great place to go to enjoy. Loved watching the llama walk. I really do like the dogs names andwhat beautiful dogs they are. Hugs

  3. nutsfortreasure says:

    Wonderful piece 🙂

    Happy Easter and a wonderful weekend to you and yours

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