Victor & ‘Hot’ Chocolate

I love when I have the chance to go and spend an hour or two photographing and visiting with some of my ranch clients.  Being with working dogs in their element is good for the heart and soul. There is no other way to describe it than a feeling of complete.

I haven’t seen Victor or Chocolate for over a year.

Victor is a Pyrenean Mastiff from the Czech Republic. He spent twenty four hours traveling to Montana, got off the plane and was in puppy class that night. He walked in like we were all old friends, and like we had been expecting him. Wagging tail and super happy to see everyone. He has not changed one bit. Well yes he has. I could easily hold this lump of love as a puppy, now he is over 170 pounds of love. He is a working stock guardian dog in charge of his sheep. They have foxes, mountain lions, coyotes, and more around the property, so his job is very real. He is magnificent, powerful, jaw droppingly handsome, sweet when you are a friend, and very direct and appropriate when you are not. His owner has done an amazing job with socializing and training. I don’t know another stock guardian dog that knows shake, roll over, sit, down, and between 😉 Not sure if this impresses the sheep or not, but it makes Victor happy to bust his moves every now and again, me too.

Chocolate is a working line Australian Shepherd. The ‘HOT’ in Chocolates name came when she was a puppy in class a couple of years ago. All of the other dogs either wanted to be with her, or wanted to be her 😉 Mojo up one side and down the other! She is so sweet it would melt your heart, but equally as tenacious, serious, and persistent. If need be, she doesn’t take crap from anything. Such a red head 😉

So I will let the photos speak for them selves. I could easily spend every day photographing these two. While there are sheep and a guard llama in the pasture, we went for a walk in hopes of seeing the new fox that moved in, and is currently throwing out some gang signs.



Victors night time ‘predator protection collar’.


These two are such amazing friends, and Victor is so patient with Chocolates less than far antics at times…



Going for an afternoon walk through the back pastures.












An awesome afternoon! I love these two…

Nancy ~

8 Comments Add yours

  1. mtwaggin says:

    What a fun day! I am jealous and I love Victor’s smile and Hot’s “busy-ness”.

  2. teresa says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful little slice of life so we can enjoy it with you!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      it was a beautiful day in the pasture

  3. nutsfortreasure says:

    OMG no wonder you love them ! Mutt and Jeff but two peas in a pod. Giving all of themselves for those who graze upon the land. Wonderful students and clearly loved. Wow that protection was something then again it is their poor necks they go for maybe I should fit JT and the cat with them as wildlife encourages closer and closer

  4. dayphoto says:

    I loved this beautiful part of your life and the world they live in! I also love your incredible love for our furry friends and companions!

    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  5. Nancy, You might want to join other Pyrenean Mastiff owners on Facebook in the group, PYRENEAN MASTIFFS of AMERICA. We have working dog, show and pet owners from the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe in the group.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Hi Vicki,
      Victor is a client of mine, but I will forward this info onto his owner. Thanks, Nancy

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