I am a coach

I am a coach. I coach our Teams, both people and dog.

I coach my dogs, who are my Team. And through coaching I have found one of my parts that is truly me.


While I am a certified professional trainer, it is my coaching that I focus on, that I love, and where I thrive.

My list below is what I have found to be important to me, the people I work with, and the dogs, (who bless their hearts, because we are so inconsistent and confusing as humans), who are trying to learn from us.

  1. I want each Team to believe in their potential, themselves, each other.
  2. I want to keep training in perspective for each Team with skills, life, and reality.
  3. I will never use humiliation, intimidation or emotional abuse as a form or teaching or training. I see no point in this, and it isn’t constructive.
  4. I want to communicate, honestly, openly, and freely with good information, but I also want to listen openly, honestly, and freely, with both ends of the leash.
  5. I will never ask more of my Teams, than I would ask of myself and my dogs.
  6. I want to keep my learning environment emotionally safe. The reality is, we are all doing this together!
  7. I want to challenge my Teams, and challenge myself, to keep moving forward. Taking small steps forward, but continual small steps forward!
  8. I love what I do, I love working with people and dogs, and I do this from a very raw and honest place. I hope to encourage others to feel that when they are working as a Team.
  9. Being wrong is OK, being right is OK, trying is brilliant. That a Team wants to learn and is engaged with learning together is brilliant!
  10. I will work with my Teams, not against them. If I want willingness, I have to be willing to put in my time and teach.
  11. I will do no harm.

From a place that feels good, Nancy

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa Tanner says:

    Beautifully stated! I love you my wonderful sister.

  2. Lisa Williamson says:

    Thankyou Nancy.

  3. Judy says:

    Yeah Nancy! Well said and WELL DONE!

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