flower super models!

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I had a bunch of garden chores to do tonight. I guess I shouldn’t call them chores unless ‘chores’ means favorite thing to do out of the whole day. Spending time in my garden never feels like work, it is my personal playground, ever changing, and touches each one of my senses. Dirt in my toes and finger nails makes me happy! And I love that my dogs and kids love this space too. A wheel barrel, gloves, clippers, hose, and an IPA beer. A good night for sure!


It is that perfect time of year when the spring flowers are seeding, so I can collect those little gems, the mid summer plants are in full bloom, and the vegetable garden is happily producing something delicious each day.




When I set out trimming our lilac hedge, the flowers in our one garden were all looking a bit too gorgeous, so gorgeous I couldn’t stop looking at them. Maybe the light, maybe the end of a long day and I just needed some eye candy, I don’t really know. They were all acting like super models!



So I went inside, grabbed my camera and started snapping away. Here is what I got tonight. No touch ups, these are as is.







Hoping everyone is enjoying their garden, the beautiful weather, and everything that comes with it. ~ NancyIMG_4213




  1. Beautiful flowers reminds me if my find in Mammoth. The pond looks so inviting and tempting to do here, calm water is soothing to me.

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