dog pond project – day #4

Rocks arrived, gravel unloaded, liner in … here we go.

I wanted a pond, and then a pondless waterfall, and then a deep pool (Olympic size!), and then back to a water fall with a pond. We now have a nice pond type wading pool, and the waterfall will go in sometime this week. It’s actually kind of nice having the freedom to change your mind, with a project that started out as an empty flower bed that just needed to be ‘repurposed/reimagined’.

We have been stacking and unstacking, and the edge rock work is not finished, one more layer to go on there.

Spore filled the pond while I was away working just so the dogs could play in it a bit and so he could see how things were flowing. It is SO AWESOME to have water in the front garden area!

This Sunday should be our final day working on this, and then it will be balls, fun drinks with little umbrella’s , and foot/paw cooling off in the pond!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Darci Shane says:

    What a cool project. i do have a water trough in my yard!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Darci we have three water troughs and have used them for years… this is the next step in our yard!

  2. mtwaggin says:

    Just now catching up with your blog and I am so unbelievably jealous (see I’m turning green). I’ve always wanted to do this with my back slope and yard….someday and I know exactly who to come to for advice!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      a pond of water fall would be gorgeous on your back hill, and you have a few dogs who would love you even more for it!

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