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OK, I’m still getting use to this fabulous camera my friend gave me.

I’m not use to so many options, but the cool thing is that it is giving me the opportunity to, (1) learn more about photography, (2) take the photos I see in my head but have never been able to capture, (3) spend more time with my super models in the great outdoors!

I haven’t touched up any of the photos, these are as i saw them, and how the camera interpreted what I saw…

Check out the detail on Story’s ear hair, that was so exciting when I came home and downloaded that one from the camera… I finally got the focus I was looking for, and I love true B & W, border collie black and white that is!

And on the final photo, I was down hill a bit, and the sun must have been right in Story’s eyes because i finally was able to capture is honey colored eyes.









    1. Ha! 😉

      you know a friend took pity on me and gave me one of her ‘old cameras’. This camera is so over my skill level, and humbling. I am grateful my dogs are patient with me when we are out and about! Little by little I am learning!

  1. It is indeed NOT over your skill level. You are the ultimate learner and I knew you’d have fun trying out the fun stuff! Your dogs (as are mine) are the most fun subjects ever. You did great on these miss!!!!! I’ve had my rebel for over 2 years and 10,000 photos and still don’t have it figured out…..Keep up the good work!

  2. Beautiful photos! My partner has four corgis and getting a good shot of all of them is definitely a challenge. Actually, I’m not sure it has ever been done!

      1. And no sooner did I write that when she was in the Chronicle today with all four. The enclosed space helped.

  3. I recently got back into photo taking because of my puppy. I just started using Adobe Lightroom 4 to edit them. It’s a nice program to use if you continue to get into photography.

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