Sunday at the Dog Gym …

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I love my Sundays.

It’s the only day where we have things going all day long, 8-10 hours straight, at the Gym. Usually I have 3 hours here, and four hours there, a break, and then late evenings with classes. But Sundays are straight thru and I just love them!

Open gym, privates, play dates, privates, and then usually something special, like today’s photo session to test lighting and some other stuff for a future photo shoot.


Billie Holiday, Dave Matthews, Nat Kind Cole, the Stones. Music is a big part of the day.

Soup, sandwiches, muffins, coffee, and great conversation. Thanks to Seth, our Photographer, some wine during the photo session, from Israel no less!


Training, visiting, and stories of dog adventures big and small.

Enjoy … it was a great day!



  1. Nice pics! looks like you did have a very busy fun day.  Bailey’s head definitely got bigger after her model session. Jackie


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