proofs from our first photo session

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OK, so here are some of the proofs from our first professional photo session with Seth Robbins.I popped into our Gym at the end of the day after he had taken all of our clients photos. I just wanted one of my crew. He just started snapping away, and we had a ton of fun!

My final choices will go back to the Seth for spiffing up … I am glad I did this, especially with my senior girls. I will cherish the photo with me and my girls forever! The Boyz were just having way too much fun, they would love the life of super models… posing and having people ogle over them all day! It was a good gig for them to be sure.

I’ve always loved the ‘getting it together’ photos, the ones not posed so much, but just captured…

just click on the first photo and it will enlarge and play thru …


  1. Nancy, these are great pictures of your brood and YOU. The photographer really capture their personality. I would love to see this photographer capture your dogs in a park or out on a hike in nature. I think that would be completely awesome.

  2. Wonderful shots and Seth has the “dog eye” for sure! I love the shots where Franny just looks like she’s diggin this! Definitely some great out-take shots there tho too that you must have at least the proofs for…..Fun fun fun!!!

      1. Too Right! 2 yrs or 14 yrs they are never with us long enough, so we need to create those memories while we can 🙂

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