Dogs that take, Dogs that give, and those waiting to …

I hear on the daily – my dog loves to please me, my dog is so loyal, or conversely I wish my dog was more loyal, I wish he wanted to please me.

Personally and professionally, I’ve always found this a bit odd. Simply from the stand point of slavishness, is that even a word? Why yes it is, I just looked it up! The sentiments tend to suggest a dog that sees and feels nothing else in life, but it’s owner. 

Now I have seen that butter soft Golden Retriever, with big beautiful brown bedroom eyes, they appear to melt into their owners, follow them around adoringly, look deep into their owners eyes, UNTIL, the rabbit goes by, see ya!  Pit Bulls can be the same. I’ve seen Pit Bulls look like they want to crawl inside their owners skin they love them so much, they just can’t get close enough, can’t get enough contact, can’t look into that human face without turning into a virtual jelly bean, UNTIL, the ball comes out, THROW IT!

Is there in fact such a thing as a loyal dog, a dog who is genetically pre-disposed to pleasing another species? I don’t know. I think more than genetics it is the rare pairing of just the right dog with just the right person, and magic, it happens.

So here is my current line up of dogs. This is who they are and what they came to the planet with. I love them for who they are, not what I need them to be.

Franny – She is my partner, she is not a taker, and only a giver every once in awhile.

She does not require me to support her emotionally or physically, she has good confidence, and great instincts.

Franny does lay next to me when I am not feeling well or when I am particularly tired. She likes to check in with me, particularly in the evenings. She has a slight guarding quality so she will step in front of me at home if there is something outside that causes her concern.

She has never done anything that I am aware of,  to indicate that she has wanted to please me. She’s more of a keep up if you want to hang with me kind of dog. A true partner, trust on both ends for us. But this has taken time!

Ocean – She is a taker. She was a spooky, low confident puppy. Timid, fearful and extremely cautious.

Her whole life has been about us supporting her emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She comes to us for comfort, but does not give us comfort. She comes to us if she is afraid, so we can reassure her. If I am having a bad day, stressed or concerned, she leaves the room.

She is not capable of handling emotions from anything or anybody, outside of neutral.

If we were out hiking and something hit the fan, she would take off running, and expect me to deal with it, she would not be there to help me out. I/we take care of her, she was never born with enough grit to support, please, or be loyal to anything.

Story – He is my giver and my partner. He is my gift, plain and simple.

He stands next to my side and I can feel that we are in this together. He allows me to love him and work with him, and I allow him to love me back and push me to be a better person.

On a low day he will come and comfort me and nuzzle me. He looks out for me when we are hiking, and always keeps an eye on me, always. He is my one dog that will stop and wait for me to catch up.

He will allow me to lean on his back if we are going up a steep hill, and he will step in front of me and stop if he is unsure of what is coming down the trail.

If he is frustrated with some new sport we are working on, he lets me know, he does not obey anything or anyone, it’s about fairness for Story.

He has integrity, grit, and kindness all wrapped up into one dog, but he expects the same from everyone he encounters.

$eeker – he is not a giver, a taker, or a partner.

I am still so up in the air about my dear sweet $eeker. He lives in a world where sometimes we just don’t get each other, I don’t feel he is present, or I feel he is present with the other voices in his head?

This morning on our hike he was amazing, playful with me, attentive, and I could feel him wanting to be with me. Other days I’m not sure he even see’s me. To be honest, I think we are all his little experiment, and one day I am going to turn around slowly, and catch him whispering into his shoulder, my work is done here, beam me up Scotty.


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  1. Great post. Loved learning about their different personalities like this. I had thought Litchi was the “beam me up” one but, as shes got older and we’ve worked through her issues from her early life, she’s become quite the giver. I’m very period of her!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      You know, I really think some dogs do change with age and experience, maybe ‘who they really were supposed to be’ sometimes has a chance to shine!

  2. Your post really got me to thinking about Sage and her personality. Just like people, our pets have their own personalities that grow and develop as they mature.

  3. Eleenie says:

    Such a great post, it really does go to show that each dog is an individual and for sure mine are no exception 🙂

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      for sure. Sometimes I think it’s easy to lump all dogs into ‘the dog’ category, and we take the individual out of it. They are no more alike than humans…

  4. aandcolson says:

    Gosh, Macie is so similar to Story! And how you described how you’ve seen some dogs want to crawl inside their owners skin…that’s Macie to a T! Thanks for sharin about your pups, I love getting to know their personalities!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      you are going to be such a good Mama… Macie is lucky and so is your new baby boy…

  5. Amy says:

    Nancy, I love this. Rooster is definitely more of a Story and Katniss an Ocean…though there are definitely times when I think she may be waiting for the Starship Enterprise as well. Sometimes, when we adopt a dog, we have to realize they may not be the dog we hoped for and we adopted them for them, not for us. Just like people, you have to accept them for who they are instead of trying to change them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Amy, I am really looking forward to seeing photos at the end of your summer with both Rooster and Katniss. Fresh air, romping and letting the heart heel can sometimes be the best thing of all. Shoot, I amy have to sign up and be a camper with you some day, the ‘non tradional camper’ hahaha Nancy

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