a family affair, with friends and furry loved ones!

Our facility is fully open now! Well it has been for about a month really, but we were working out some kinks and finishing up the office. We had our official Open House yesterday! While I have attended open houses over the years, my favorites being hardware store openings, I have never had the pleasure to host my own.

It is simply the coolest feeling ever to open your doors, invite people to come on over, and step aside to allow them to enjoy it. We put a lot of thought and heart into our new space, and while it’s personal to me,  and a space I love, it’s totally different when you open the doors and let everyone make it their own, for their own reasons. Every single person that walked through our doors had a smile, and kindness to share. It was awesome, and as one person said, refreshing!

And this is what I hoped for. A place where people and their dogs can come and enjoy their time working together. A place that feels good from the moment you walk in the door. And as I have always said, and I hope our new space is a direct translation of these words, “learn as much as possible, have fun, and do more!”

Thank you to Bridger Feeds, Petcurean, FitPAWS, Eagle Ridge Ranch, and our Scent Project! It is so fun to give things away!

I was visiting with people all morning and tried to get to my camera but never made it. So here are the final photos and the final touches … Nancy

if your new to following the story on our new facility, click here to read, and see the photos of where we started, the progress, and what we now have!

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  1. mtwaggin says:

    The photos made me smile! Can’t wait to come use the new space and see your smiling face!

  2. marie says:

    Everything looks “top drawer”, Nancy & Spore. Big smiles from everyone. Now let the hordes stampede the place. love, Mom

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