Sunday Morning Walk & Train

Along with our new training Dog Gym, we are introducing new programs. One of the programs I am really excited about is our Sunday Morning Walk & Train. Exercise for both the handler and dog!

An hour long walk on the lovely trails just out our front door at the Gym, and then an hour in the Gym working on the skills of your choice. This is a guided, very casual program to improve the relationship, skills, and health of both handler and dog. Questions and conversations are always a fun part of morning programs, but there is no formal instruction.

I am also seriously contemplating buying a coffee maker, with Sunday Mornings in mind 😉

Leaving the Gym for the ‘Story Spur Trail Loop’, 2.5 miles of brisk trail and dirt road walking – It crosses the Rocky Creek where there is a great swimming hole.

Gathering gear for work in the gym. Gates, ladders and more.

Not sure what you want to work on? I have made cards to help inspire! Choose which ever one sounds interesting and have fun!

Warming up for tricks!

My beautiful Story was the inspiration behind our new Walk & Train program. This is how he starts most of his days, and it just adds such great balance to the rest of our day!


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  1. Joe Fisher says:

    Oh man, what I wouldn’t give to have something like that here! The socialization would be so great for Teaghan. I take her out when I can ,for instance we just went to an arts in the park deal, I played the “look at that” game whenever we saw another dog. But opportunities like that is few and far between.

    Do you know of any trainers in this area that do programs anything like you do? I sure don’t .

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Teaghan would have loved walking with Story this morning! This is our new program, so hard to say who else is doing it. We can offer it because we lucked out with an amazing on leash trail system by our facility, and GYM big enough to accommodate multiple dogs at the same time, and gating if they need a more private space. Come to Bozeman more often!

      1. Joe Fisher says:

        Don’t imagine that’s going to happen anytime soon although I would love to. Bozeman is a
        long ways away. I guess my next question would be, do you know any trainers up in this area that share your philosophy of training and behaviorism? (is that a word?) LOL

  2. marysmemories says:

    Walk and Train sounds a great idea and I wish you every success with this venture. I can see Story is giving you lots of inspiration with all your new projects. last picture so delightful of Story.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Hi Mary, thanks. The last picture is him not wanting to leave the facility. He was having so much fun yesterday morning!

  3. Loreen Phillips says:

    Hi Nancy, Would you mind sending me the information you have on the “body awareness” and “stay game” cards? I think I can use it! Thanks, Loreen


  4. Pip says:

    Mum, this is awesome! love it! that was tons of fun!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      I love having you come out on the walks and help at workshops! I miss you when you’re not there!

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