our first workshop in our new Dog Gym!

Well it has been one month and three days since we started renovating an old warehouse. We have had very few glitches, the flooring, or rather the damaged flooring has been the biggest, and truthfully the only one that has caused any kind of stress. It set our renovation/opening schedule back two weeks, but we had plenty of other things to do so our time was still accounted for.

We have had a limited number of classes in there during renovations, about thirty clients in the past month. Every week they have seen changes here and there, sound boards going up, more color, new equipment, bathroom finished, etc.

But yesterday was a big day for us, emotionally mostly. Spore installed the new rubber mat flooring, and we had our first two workshops in our new space! Woop!

I love giving workshops. For the past two years I have been traveling around the country  giving them for other clubs and organizations, it’s been an awesome experience. I love the concentrated time, the exchange of skills and ideas, and the relationships. This was the first time I scheduled workshops for my own clients, right here in Bozeman, and now in our own Dog Gym. It was awesome! Plenty more to come, check out our schedule. I will be offering monthly workshops, but I am also bringing in other clinicians that specialize in other areas of training, health and more.

Piper came to assist yesterday and did an awesome job with the camera, both still and video. She helped the various teams, and kept the snacks and water coming for us all!, thanks Pip! Enjoy… Nancy

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  1. marysmemories says:

    Congratulations. It looks superb. I’m sure that all the dogs taking part in your training courses will love it

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Thanks Mary … it was thrilling to be in there working yesterday. The office desk is the last big project and then just little odds and ends!

  2. Kay says:

    It’s fabulous!! I’m so happy for you and so envious at the same time!!! OH what I’d give to have a facility like that!! Hopefully our future holds the chance to come for a seminar or workshop with you.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Thanks Kay. I have had facility envy for a long time! I even pick up some ideas when I came to KC to see your group. It feels awesome, after nine years of renting fields and barns to have this. It doesn’t hurt that Spore is a contractor and finish trim carpenter, I honestly don’t think I could have done this without that inside help… I hope you will be able to swing out this way one day. Bring your spanky little girl dogs with you!

  3. marie says:

    Hi Nancy, Congratulations on your huge accomplishment. It looks like one of the finest facilities anyone could hope to find. Just beautiful. We are so proud of you and Spore and your vision. love, Mom and Dad

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Thanks Mom and Dad. I can’t wait until you can come and see it in person. You can work the front desk for me! 😉

  4. Congratulations! This is a wonderful thing for Bozeman to have and it’s all because YOU made it happen! Yay!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Thanks Lynn. From cold frozen stock barn to this. You will be amazed at the difference! hahaha 😉

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