renew, reuse, return …

So exciting that most of everything new going into our Dog Gym is not actually new but rather renewed, and/or reused materials. I think I’ve mentioned before that my husband is a pack rat of sorts when it comes to building materials. He saves anything he can from job sites if it’s marked for the dump or burn pile. He detests that type of waste.

Lucky for me with this project! Our new bathroom has flooring, wainscot, vanity, and bead board from other projects in years past. Same with some dry wall, wood trim, odd pieces of lumber, shelving, and so on.

My new reception desk is going to have some rocking great, gorgeous, green granite tops and a walnut base thanks to my Pack Rat, woop! The pieces are small and oddly shaped, which I love, so Spore and I designed a lily pad type of desk, with various levels. We are having the edges buffed out this coming week. It will keep it’s broken chiseled look in some areas, but smoother to the touch. I would never be able to afford a custom piece like this, it feels simply awesome to be able to design and make it. And even more awesome that I will be using it everyday!

It feels good to create this space, and to try and reuse and renew what Spore has been saving. And we might even have more garage space, sometime soon!

The only set back has been the flooring. While it is recycled rubber, yay!, it is a new product we ordered on the recommendation from three other agility facilities. Ten rolls and 3,300 pounds of recycled chipped rubber, and it arrived damaged. Only two of the rolls were good to use, eight had to be returned. Apparently the freight company dropped the ball some place along the way from PA. They either did employee fork lift training with employees who had previously had their driver privileges revoked, or set them out for target practice. Either way, a set back. The manufacturer and company we are working with have been super professional and took care of claims right away. Our new flooring is due to arrive this coming week.

Being the gardener that I am, we now have three beautiful flower pots in front of our office. They are crammed with; salmon colored petunias, pineapple sage, tri color sage, lavender, and cream dream marigolds. It’s starting to feel homey!

After a full week of privates and classes, I am painting odds and ends today, and taking over more equipment. Then perhaps a bbq with the family, some treibball games with the dogs, and a glass of wine! Nancy

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  1. My word, this place sounds awesome.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Hi Susan,
      it’s feeling that way right now. When everythign is up and going I will not only do the final photos but take a video tour. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. mtwaggin says:

    Coming along sweetly and there are always little setbacks but that is all they are. I can’t wait to see the finished product when I get back.

  3. Eleenie says:

    My hubby collects everything from any jobs that he does and we also love to make use of as much of it as possible, I’m all for a bargain and besides it much more fun that way! Great to hear that everything is coming together for you. Those salmon coloured petunias sound super!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Eleenie, I agree. Something reused or rather re imagined has a bit more heart and soul in it.

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