week #3 – where is my carpenter?!

Spore is the man! He has worked for two weeks straight, crazy sick long hours, and has accomplished more than I could have dreamed of.

Fear not, I have fed him well, supplied him with arnica sore muscle patches, lots of love, and coffee coffee coffee! But alas, I no longer have him full time, only in the evenings and weekends. He had to get back to working on big beautiful homes around the state, doing finish trim and custom furniture.

The flooring came today, WOOP! Two whole days early. It was a bit of mumbo jumbo with the delivery, how to get it into the facility, and what about the stuff that was damaged? And it was only me, sans tools. Where oh where was my carpenter man?! Damn it!

I made a quick dash to Owenhouse Ace Hardware, bought a small screw driver set that saved the day. I was able to take down the puppy gating, get the overhead door open, and then help off load the matting, all 3,300 pounds! Our delivery guy was Joe Muscles and did the big work, but he needed my help, I just know it! I also bought him honey peanuts and a Coke for being so patient with me.

Our bathroom is finished! And in honor of Elaine at Yellowstone Dog Sports, we decoupaged our mirror frame. We used all of our tea, soda and chocolate wrappers, and if I do say so myself, it’s cheery and fun!

Our sound boards are up. They help a lot with the echoing. 4 X 4 foot canvas frames with foam padding. We used pigment to color them so they would still be absorbent with sound.

And I have the fan of my freaking dreams. This thing can move big air. It is happiness in a box…

Here is to soft nice flooring, my knees are already having a bit of a party about it all, Nancy

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  1. Nicole says:

    Omg, this is just too exciting! You’re mirror idea was so cute! Definitely fits the sort of energy that will be running through your place. Job well done!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Thanks Nicole, every day something new happens in there and it changes the feel to even better… Can’t wait for our front reception desk to go in this weekend.

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