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Life is full for us right now, it’s so crammed busy, but busy for the right reasons. I know this to be true when my face literally crashes into my pillow at night, and the next thing I know, it’s 6am and I am getting sweet border collie kisses to please get up!

Our new facility is coming along and classes have started. So exciting! Still work to be done, but it is usable at this point, and everyday more projects are knocked off the list.

The garden is busting over right now. The recent heat just made it all explode. We are cutting and drying nearly every day. Forty bundles of Lavender cut and hanging all around my office, along with lemon balm, spearmint and tarragon. It is truly not a bad place to work!

My kids are here and there at camps, drumming, slack lining and having a great summer. My dogs have been running with Spore and playing in the yard when it isn’t too hot. They have had a couple of commercial project calls/interests, but that industry seems to be hurry up and wait. While we wait I work on the behaviors for fun, why not, I like to train. Barking, growling, grabbing keys from a truck, running away with keys, riding on a hay stack in a wagon, chin on paws, digging a whole and burying treasure, walking slowly with an old man. They love when new behaviors are started, it’s the FUN zone. I think at this moment though, they all may be slightly lavender stoned from the drying plants. Sleeping, with what appears to be a slight smile 🙂

We have had two weeks of visitors. I can’t even tell you how good it is for the soul to cook, and eat, and laugh with friends from what seems like a very long time ago, to brand new. I love garden dinners with yummy food and wine. Simple as that!

The days I am really loving though are our Farmer’s Market Days. In a weird way it feels like my day off. I love being around other people that make things, an artisan gardener type of community. It inspires me every week. My family gets up about 5:30am on Saturday, we pack up the car and the kids and I go and sell at the Farmers Market. My husband sends us off with a thermos of tea for the kids, and a thermos of coffee for me, and if we are totally organized, burritos to go! woop!

My kids have the Meuwissen & Co. Art Cards booth. They have a lovely following and are doing custom orders now. Recycled stuff, coffee, alcohol labels, origami, tea wrappers, all with good humor, even geek humor, it’s awesome.They are making money to go towards their 8th grade Europe Trip … Tenacious, determined, hard workers!

The Scent Project booth is so fun for me. I get to talk about my plants, products, kids and dogs. Wine and food are the only two things missing! Our product line is growing, slowly but surely, and I love the hands on aspect of the market. I get to meet my customers face to face, talk, smell, make that connection. I love it! This week we had our Lavender Pillows, they are seasonal for the most part and completely dependent on good chemical free dried lavender florets. They smell so completely yummy it’s hard not to huff them all morning!

Our next market is the Red Ants Pants Music Festival, July 26-29th in White Sulphur Spring , MT. A three day event that has put us into big production as of this afternoon. Emily Lou Harris and Mary Chapin Carpenter will be there, how cool is that… This is going to be fun, fun, fun…

Here is to the busy, busier, and busycrazy days ahead. As long as I have my family, my dogs, my garden, my business, and delicious food and wine, it will all be good!


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  1. Eleenie says:

    Wow, so busy, it sounds like everything is coming together. I can smell those lavender pillows from here, heaven! 😉

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Hi Eleenie, it is. The one benefit to a Montana summer is super long day light days, so it just makes sense to use it! I am in lavender love right now. I have three varieties this year and they all smell so different, but equally delicious!

  2. I love the fact your kids have their own booth! That’s very cool!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Oh it’s so fun… they love chatting with people about their wacky cards, and then making special orders for their regulars. Most of all I love bringing them up around a collective group of creative people.

  3. It seems joy are enjoying your busy days. I wouldn’t mine having all that lavender in my office.

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