Moving along… it’s been a week now

So we have plowed through the big stuff in just under a week. I can now say that the business I founded a bit over nine years ago, Paws & People, is truly a family business. This whole adventure would not be possible without all of us doing it together. We’re kind of like the von Trapp family except we train dogs and we don’t sing. 😉

Our dogs came over for their first visit to the gym, we had to limit the area as we are still cleaning up construction stuff. Story made it clear that he has been waiting for his own studio for quite some time! He was like dragging an anchor through the sand when it was time to leave last night!

We are filming with TawzerDog today, Alta and her grandsons arrived last night. We have a temporary set up for today, and eight lovely teams coming in to participate. This will be my 3rd DVD with Tawzer, and will be titled, Building the Therapy/Crisis Team: ideas & training from puppy through adulthood.

We had a bump in the momentum yesterday, kind of a big one. Pip has had a persistent problem in one area of her jaw for over a year. Her doctors have been monitoring it with us. It kind of came to a head yesterday and we had to go get blood work and an MRI. They gave me the low down on the worst case scenario of what they thought was brewing, and it knocked me to my knees. Gratefully, it wasn’t, and after five hours at the hospital we came home with tears and happy smiles. Pip went right back to work with her Dad, she said she needed the distraction. I love my children to the moon and back, and my heart felt every ounce of that yesterday!

Today the kids are working the Farmers Market, then coming to help with the filming, Spore is turning that crappy old bathroom into one of my dreams. I am kind of glad he is a pack rat with building materials. He saves things here and there for possible future projects. This bathroom will have a new vanity, sink, faucet, and toilet. It will have oak flooring, and wainscot. The kids and I saved our tea wrappers and chocolate foils over the past week and decoupaged the mirror frame for the bathroom. Chocolate and tea rock, just sayin!

Have a great Saturday, Nancy

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa says:

    Dad was at the kitchen table and I read your post to him and we looked at the pictures. So very grateful Piper is going to be OK. Love! Teri and Grandpa

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      thank you! so am I…

  2. Carlene says:

    glad Pip is ok. also happy for your new digs. Saca wants to be there as your assistant! but i told her how much i would miss her when Pat brings her into bed with me after her breakfast and we snuggle….do you need any wall decorations???

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