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  1. Teresa says:

    Nancy, Tom, Piper and Renn,
    Your new space to grow your businesses looks beautiful and so inviting. I loved the portraits of the dogs on the wall. Love, Auntie

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Thanks Teri, it feels inviting with the new colors, it’s amazing how that can change the feel of a space. To be honest though, it has been the energy of the people, my family, and other workmen coming in that has stamped this as a ‘good energy’ place. Friendly, smiles, great jokes … all good!

  2. Lisa Marie Cook says:

    No shocker that those two yummy colors are in my home:) Don’t blink, there is only a moment to go before she is knockin back an adult brew to celebrate a good days work – so not fair. Place looks awesome! Glad everyone could fill it with good energy and love…….I assume all medical cards now have a trash receptacle before you enter – no altered state required:)

  3. Nancy Tanner says:

    Lisa, those are the colors in the upstairs of our house… go figure. I can’t think about time flying by with my kids, all of a sudden I feel like I am watching a movie picture show in fast motion and my kids are the leading roles. You would love the feel of this place… good energy and lots of love…

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