construction, demo, kill the navy blue! days 3 & 4

Thank you to our many visitors in the past two days, even you wise crackers asking for medical marijuana for your hang nails! Friendly faces and mini tours put some awesome energy into this space!

So we are moving along at a pace that makes me smile. I am so excited about the progress and so dam tired at the same time. Yesterday was a 16 hour day for Spore and I. My kids worked all morning over at the facility, took a break and then I flip flopped then back and forth. They amazed me, they always do! Again, this is normal for them, which kind of borders Stockholm Syndrome type of parenting in a way, but hopefully a good way?! 😉

While Spore finished all of the demo work, he also framed in a cool storage closet and equipment room. Ladies, I now have a 5 X 14 ft. walk in closet, and a 5 X 7 ft. equipment/ball area, WOOP! It was sheet rocked last night.

The dark navy paint is now a thing of the past. Renn loves to do the KILLZ paint jobs, no precision, just getting rid of old color.

Doors primed a rose color, the Hot Tamale Red went on late last night.

As construction goes, nothing is straight forward. What appears to be a paint and hang type of task, turns into a mini remodel. I just follow my husbands lead as he never stresses, he just gets it done. The only straight forward thing that happened in the past two days is our new mirror coming in. Mike from Bozeman Glass came over, sized up the project, let us know what he had in stock, and Friday morning our new 7 X 10 foot mirror will be delivered and installed. He made that project so easy, Thank you Mike!

We are off for another full day, the large open space gets it’s paint lift today … From here on out it is flooring, color, building, and filling the space with dog gear… then we start on the outdoor area in back!

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  1. Regina Labrum says:

    Hmmm maybe you ought to start selling blocks of demolished walls/material, and have the buyers burn it up in the comfort if their own homes?!!!
    The residual marijuana in them should be some “good stuff, man”
    Wish I was there helping you guys!

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