greatness in being vague

Be curious, not judgmental ~ Walt Whitman

Have you ever gone to a dog park without your dog? Just to sit and watch? Watch without judgement? It’s more fun than you might think.

I use to do this all of the time. I wanted to watch dogs and their people in action without the association of knowing them, knowing their goals, or their history. Just take it for what it was, life in motion!

I was studying dogs quite heavily back then, and I thought that I could learn more from observing than any other way. I really wasn’t too far off.

I’d grab a cup of coffee, my video camera, and go to a dog park. I learned rather quickly to not sit in the cool shade under a tree, any tree for that matter. So I stuck to rocks or benches with a good vantage point.

I would sit and watch. I never interfered with the dogs or people, never gave advice or input. I really just wanted to watch uninterrupted.

Video play back was super educational for learning more about canine body language, and sometimes human body language and interactions. It was for my own studies and I was careful to not be judgmental.

But there was something else that I kept seeing, or not seeing, or feeling, or something. There was an element in the interactions between some of the dogs that went way outside the scope of science and body language. There was a knowingness, a friendship, feelings, there was something. Just like with humans, when we connect with someone, the explanation for why is generally vague. We know on a level that surpasses words.

Some might call it love at first sight, others may say kindred spirits. What ever the explanation, or non-explanation, it was beautiful and would evoke tears every single time.

There is a greatness in being vague with words when it comes to feelings, or matters of the heart. Sometimes it is best just to observe it, be in it, and absorb the wonderful moment.

Nancy, who has no words for this photo …

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  1. Lisa Marie says:

    I love this:)

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