sunday hike …

Today was a sleep in day at home. This happens pretty much never. We just always seem to have something to do, or someplace to go, and frankly we’re all morning people, morning dogs!

But there was something delicious about this cold and snowy May morning, and even the dogs were happy to stay curled up in bed with me.

When we finally decided to get up and get moving, we headed for the mountains.

Hyalite, in the Gallatin National Forest, is close by and great hiking. I am fully aware that things are changing up there and it is more crowded like a city park these days. But a city park with bears, guns, and alcohol. Kind of a creepy mixture really. Nonetheless, I still have some of my favorite spots.

Just ten years ago I could walk my kids and dogs down the middle of the road and maybe have to move over for one car. I could be on a trail for hours before hearing a mountain bike or person approaching.

Today the road was a busy highway, and a fast one at that. Beer cans flying out of one car (it was the first time in years I have seen anything tossed from a car window), two huge dogs barking and lunging out of another, and a few speed racers. Trail head parking areas all had activity, and one brave sole was looking to launch his boat into the lake, bbbbrrrrrrr!

We chose the path of least resistance, and a more remote area. Hiking with four people and four dogs in one group is a great deal of management, and it also asks a lot from other trail users ( in my world anyway). I don’t want to be a bother to others, nor do I want to be bothered when we are all together. I like enjoying my dogs, my kids and the mountains, it’s as simple as that.

We had a great hike and the dogs hit their favorite spring swimming hole.

Happy and safe hiking, Nancy

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