hiking tip #4 – your day pack

When hiking with your dog you don’t need a lot of gear, in fact I prefer lite hiking. But you should consider carrying the essentials if you are going out for an hour or more.

The first step in prevention is being prepared.

tip #4

  1. a day pack – a simple top loader or a fancier back country climbing pack. It’s your choice. If you are carrying a toddler in a pack, the extra pouches can carry the gear you need, no need for an additional pack. Lite is always a nice option. How to choose!
  2. water – dehydration is not a place you want to visit. Stay hydrated. If you are hiking in a wet area your dog can drink from the streams. If you are hiking in a dry area you will need to carry enough water for you and your dog.
  3. snacks – hi energy snacks for you, always carry a bit more than what you will need. Rewards for your dog if you are still in active training mode, want to reward a stellar behavior, or are going to be out for a long day hike.
  4. Leash or long line – I recommend carrying the leash or long line in your hand so you can use it fluidly throughout the hike. ON when the distraction is too big, OFF when all is good. Never go hiking without a leash or long line, be responsible.
  5. sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat if the weather requires.
  6. gloves, extra layer sweater, warm hat, if the weather requires.
  7. rain jacket if weather in your area requires
  8. small first aid kit (contents will be posted in tip #5)
  9. guide book if necessary – some trails are straight forward, others a bit tricky.
  10. cell phone
  11. a form of ID

Nancy, who is currently in need of a new pack!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Natasha Osborn says:

    Don’t forget a hefty set of end cutting wire cutter, extra leashes and basic first aid kit in case your dog gets caught in a trap!!! I alway hike with a hefty fanny pack that have all the above mentioned items for just those reasons.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      wilderness first aid tips come in tip #5 … hang in there!

  2. Kim says:

    Bear spray can be handy…not just for bears, but for mtn lion, coyote, moose, wolf, and domestic dog encounters…it can break up a dog fight AND stop a charging moose or bear. Good stuff.

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