heading east

Every spring we load two kids and four dogs into my car and head east. Why? Well I have a mini van and we all fit!

Eastern Montana is pretty cool really, especially in the early spring when everything is just barely waking up. Cool, crisp and open for as far as you can see, and then some.

Our trips include dog site seeing as well as people. We make frequent stops to hike and explore. And we always walk in new towns. We eat at new restaurants, and usually find something odd and interesting in every place we stop. I think that’s the fun part about heading east, frankly it’s odd in a good kind of way.

This year it was a journey through the Little Belt Mountains and Fort Benton. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, an awesome trip yet once again!

Dry Creek in the Little Belt Mountains… awesome hiking

Belt, just down the street from the Harvest Moon Brewery

Great Falls, the ‘last’ falls for Lewis & Clark…

ring the bell, and the gentleman comes out of his house to get the ferry fired up to take you across the Missouri river. AND IT’S FREE. He told us our tax dollars pay for it. In Montana there are three ferries left, Carter, Virgil and….? I forget

Carter Ferry… this was so cool

Here we go!

Crossing the Missouri …

seriously, a dirt road for two hours, as far as you can see to the mountains, wheat and barley dry farming fields… and that was it… not a single car the whole time!

Shep, like the ‘mother ship’ experience for all working dogs!

Story at the SHEP statue… awesome…

Fort Benton wasn’t too busy… easy walk for a few miles…

this hotel/restaurant are a true find. Gorgeous, historic, yummy food and right on the river… Our server was walking around with her grand baby in her arms while waiting on us, it’s that charming!

Easter dinner… daffodils and all

Grand Union… YUMMY desserts!

Happy Travels, Nancy

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  1. mtwaggin says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip! I almost headed that direction but stayed closer to home. We’ll see what the next weekends bring. It is so fun to explore!

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