Dog Demo’s – We Love Them!

I have children and I have dogs. Not only do I have dogs but they are performance dogs.With this combo we get asked to do demo’s often, and we LOVE them.

I am a HUGE fan of cross training, it’s simply more interesting and versatile. My dogs are involved in four different sports, and know more tricks now than I can count. And the best part, they are still learning and moving forward!

Demoing a variety of fun sporting sequences and tricks is a great way to open the conversation on dogs in general. It’s amazing how much we discuss, what the children pick up that may be new, and how much I learn from their comments.

Ocean is the charmer and truly was made for this. She loves children, loves being around them, and loves performing for them. Her counting game has woo’d countless kindergarteners, and her simple little tricks inspire the older kids to go home and try new things with their dogs.

Story knocks their socks off with his power and performance. The older kids really get into watching him, and sometimes I let them work him. I love seeing their excitement when he responds. He too loves the demo days.

This is a short clip from our recent demo at Morning Star Elementary. A send off to all 65 fifth graders! They’ve grown up with my dogs over the years, so this was fun and bittersweet!

~ Nancy


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